Friday, June 11, 2010

shoes and shoes

Looking for inspiration for shoes to use in my collection... Really hoping to get some made, perhaps overseas, (will see how bank balance is holding up) and I'm thinking of going with a flat shoe. As a lover of sky high heel, I'm a little resistant to go with the flat, but I think it makes more sense considering I'm doing swimwear and our coordinator seems dead against heels .
Anyway, this hasn't stopped me looking at some amazing high heels as well as some flats that I would wish I could use in my collection. The photos below are just a snap of the shoes that Ive been inspired by. My favs have to be the silk jersey wrap around shoes from Fendi... in love...




Rebecca Taylor



Ann Demeulemeester


Images: Sea of Shoes (one my fav blogs at the moment) W Magazine,

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  1. niiicee! you could do like a mixture of the chloe, rodarte and fendi shoe in a cute flat or even like a wegde!!! I LIKE!