Friday, April 30, 2010

Frock Stars

The Powerhouse Museum is hosting is an exhibition which is coinciding with Australia Fashion Week called Frock Stars: Inside Australian Fashion Week. Curator Glynis Jones has put together a 'theatrical and experimental ' exhibition, in which visitors get an inside look into all the goings on of fashion week. With interactive elements including a catwalk you can walk on, a front row you can sit in with audio (the closest I'll be getting to a front row anytime soon) and archival footage of fashion weeks past. Jones has selected one outfit from each year to feature on the centrepiece catwalk to display the most amazing garments from a huge selection of designers.

The exhibition runs from April 22 to August 29 and I hope to try and see it next week. I will take a heap of photo and post all about it, and I'm very excited to see it!!!

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