Monday, April 19, 2010

The Personality Test!

This week we had a guest lecturer by the name of Kate Vandermeer! Kate is the genius behind, a great website that connects fashion and industry. I have heard her lecture once before at Fashion Palette in 2009 so i have to admit I was excited to be able to talk with her in a more personal tutorial where we could ask questions and pick her brain!

Anyway, aside from giving us a good idea of what to expect when we graduate and how we can use the whole social media thing to promote ourselves once we leave, she also gave us a personality test.. sounds kind of scary but its not. just 53 questions about the way we deal with things in work and life, thinks like how much do you try to consider other peoples opinions when working etc. The results let us known where we sat in 6 different categories.
1. Introvert or extrovert
2. Approach
4. Creativity
5. Planning
6. Initiative

My personal results were surprising and there were some areas in which I thought I would sit but ended up being on the other end of spectrum. The point of the test was to see which work environment we would be best suited to working at, whether it be a big company with a lot or staff, a smaller business or working for yourself. I found out things that I might not have necessarily thought for myself so it was an worthwhile process!
so if you ever get a chance to go and listen to Kate Vandermeer speak OR do a personality test, I'd recommend both!

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