Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old to New

The time has come to really start designing this collection and this to me, is always an intimidating process as I find hard to just to open up my pad and start sketching looks for the collection. We were given another option however to come up with silhouettes and designs in a way that I found to be most helpful!
Old to New!
I went to Vinnies to find a whole heaps of old clothes, some were in fabrics or shapes that I want to use in my collection, others were just totally random pieces that I thought would be interesting to use. I then played with and draped these garments on the stand to create new shapes and silhouettes. Using garments in ways you wouldn't think of, like upside down backwards jackets as skirts and shirts cut in half to make jackets lets you come up with ideas that you wouldn't even think of when drawing. The day was long and there were times I thought I wasn't coming up with anything that would be of any use to my collection but when I got home and printed out the photos and started sketching ideas on top of the drapes, I became inspired by the shapes that I saw.
You wont be lucky enough to see these drapes on this blog because to anyone else they mostly look like a jumble of fabric, but I found this technique hugely helpful in starting the process of designing and will keep doing this when I get stuck for new ideas!

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