Friday, April 30, 2010

The Fashion Issue

I'm sure you'll aware of the (sydney) magazine, it comes out monthly with the Sydney Morning Herald is full of everything interesting and current that's going on in and around Sydney. Well with Australian Fashion Week upon us, the April edition is of course the 'Fashion Issue' as all things in Sydney tend to get around this time of year. Normally I find these big newspaper publications take on the 'world of fashion' kind of naff and uninteresting, but this issue is actually quite good and full of fun interviews and finds on fashion must haves around Sydney.

Take their Hole in the Wall feature - each month they find a little known place that's meant to be one of Sydney's best kept secrets and do a small profile on it. This month they feature Ravish Designs in Linfield. a tiny middle eastern themed shop that sells jewellery from Israel. Owner Jacqui Landis has a love affair with the country and imports jewellery from several Israeli designers, lots of silver bracelets and pearl necklaces she says. I love finding little out of the way shops that specialise in interesting things like this.

The other article i found great was 'Cool Customers' which is tells us 'everything we want to know about Sydney Style by some of our most stylish people'. its meant to give us insider tips on where to be 'fashionable' and this is what i mean when i say they stories are sometimes naff, because the mostly direct these fashion stories to people who know nothing about fashion. BUT i think the interviews with Renee Anne, an artist and illustrator and director of an online vintage clothing boutique, and Kirrily Johnston are a fun look into the personalities of the people we see in fashion. there isnt anything ground breaking in these interviews but they do provide a good little look into where they get some of their inspiration and style from in Sydney.
Anyway check it out, its worth a read on a saturday morning with a nice cup of tea!

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