Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kat Macleod

Kat Macleod is an Australian fashion illustrator based in Melbourne and I love her work! Her style, as she describes it is 'messy, girly, layered and watercolourey'. She uses a mix of ink, crayon, pen and all sorts of found objects to collage and it all works together to create beautiful, quirky and fun illustrations that I want to be able to create myself! I have a little pack of cards which have cocktail recipes on them and she illustrated the front of all 50 cards so I've got a whole pack of inspiration! I wish she could illustrate all my looks for my collection in this style with little paper dresses and tiny fabric accessories, defiantly going to give it a try cause it fits in well with my feminine aesthetic.

The images are scanned from my cards so its hard to see the delicate detail she puts in the collage, but you still get the effect. check out the rest of her work at

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