Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Digital Age

I've been doing a lot of work in the past few weeks to develop my textile print that will be used in my collection. Ive decided to go with digital printing because of the almost endless possibilities with print and colours it allows. With my ideas of painting and brush stroke textures, its a great way to create an individual print which lifts your collection and make it something unique that can stand out from the rest. Not being a textile specialist I'm glad that UTS puts such a strong emphasis on creating prints and has the expertise and equipment to help us do this.

I found this article in the Courier Mail from Fashion Week which talks about the rise in digital printing seen at this years RAFW.
Unfortunately it comes at quite a cost here in Sydney, but we've been lucky enough to have found a supplier in India who does it at a fraction of the cost, which has made the price seem a little more bearable. Looking forward to posting my prints once I have them all finished so stay tuned!


Lisa Ho

Dion Lee

Josh Goot
Images from Harper's Bazaar

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