Friday, May 21, 2010

Eye Spy

Last night I went to a great event put on by a friend of mine called Eye Spy. It was an event designed to showcase up and coming artists in the areas of music, film, design and art, where they could display their work without limitations and at the same time broaden their networks. All money raised was to go to Autism Awareness, which made it even better! There was a real mix of work displayed, from sculpture, to paintings and photography and even video art. I think its important to support these kinds of events to help up and comers as much as we can, after all I'll be wanting that same chance when I graduate.

Band - J.U.N.K

Photographer - Jessi White

Illustrator - Kirbee Lawler

Illustrator - Alana Elliot (this one was one of my favourites)

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