Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frock Stars - Part One

I finally found some time to go and check out the Frock Stars exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum and I have to say it was great! Lots of fun interactive elements and heaps to look at to give you a behind scenes look at Australian Fashion Week. The exhibition was broken up into 5 main sections, each showcasing a different element to the week. I will blog about each section in different posts because there was so much in each one!

The first section of the exhibition was a catwalk which showcased one outfit from each of the 15 years fashion week has been running. It was pretty crazy to see the kinds of things that were going the catwalk 10 years ago.
see below - this swimsuit was from Zimmerman's first show in 1996... cant believe this was ever in fashion but I guess it shows how quickly things come and go in trends. Hope this look NEVER comes back in..

The best look was from just last year - Romance Was Born Iced Vovo Dress. They are so unique and crazy and a good sign of the way Australian fashion has developed in the last 15 years.
There was a case full of invitations from different designers. They were so much fun, I would love to be able to design invites to my own show... even more so I'd love to get one of these invites myself!

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