Friday, May 7, 2010

Ksubi Live Steam!

Ksubi live streamed their parade this year with the help of Harpers Bazaar and I loved the idea... Did I love the concept of the show? Sure did. Did I love the collection in the show? not so much... it felt to me like Country Hicks meets Trailer Park Chic... There was a lot of denim on denim, which I think can sometimes work if its taken to a certain level.. but this for me just didn't reach that level. All the models were wearing trucker hats and huge platform shoes and I just wasn't mad on look as a whole. BUT I will give them this, they created an interesting catwalk idea, and the models all came from underground in the centre of a big circle. Wish that more designers did Live streaming because it gives people outside the industry a first hand look at whats being shown AND I didn't have to wait so long for Vogue or Grazia to get the collection online.

It began with surveillance camera like footage of men in black clothes holding up signs that related to Ksubi's concept of Non Zero Sum.

The Stage has everyone seated on the outer of a large circle and the models came from below the stage out of the centre box. I think it was quite effective and different, something Ksubi strives for in each show.

The boys were filmed from underground and help up a sign which said Thank You at the end of show. very sweet..

All images are from my screen grabs from the live stream

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